There are 3 ways to apply webmaster tool account for as follows, and it is effective by implementing any one of them.

 验证您对 的所有权,您可以选择如下三种中的任意一种方式进行验证

  • Option1: File Verification 文件验证

Put the attached HTML file< baidu_verify_SUt6JELbrt.html > in the root directory.

Remark, not root/cn/baidu_verify_SUt6JELbrt.html

  • 方法1:文件验证
  1. 请点击下载验证文件 获取验证文件(当前最新:baidu_verify_SUt6JELbrt.html)
  2. 将验证文件放置于您所配置域名(的根目录下,注意是root下的根目录,不是/cn/下面的目录。

  • Option2: HTML Tag Verification标签验证

Insert a meta tag in the homepage (Notice: It is Only in Home Page, Not whole site page, or in your subdomain /cn/ page) , which before </head> in HTML.

<meta name="baidu-site-verification" content="SUt6JELbrt" />



<meta name="baidu-site-verification" content="SUt6JELbrt" />

  • Option3: CNAME Verification解析验证

Set cname  point to


请将 使用CNAME解析到


After you complete any of the above options please don’t forget to let me know.