Question: Did you hear about ““80% Baidu mobile traffic send to Bear-paw sites”.

Answer: About the Bear Paw, story: Since the birth of Bear Paw Account (Xiongzhanghao, 熊掌号) in November 2017, Baidu has been trying its best to promote this new product, to let site owners and SEOs use this. Their most significant promotion promise was  “ by the end of 2018,80% of  Baidu search ’s mobile traffic will be shared to Bear-paw sites”. You know traffic is undoubtedly what the site owner wanted, so it was a powerful promotion way; however, the promise failed with the Baidu Bear paw team’s dismiss. Previously followed with Baidu’s promotion promise, lots of agency did lots of promotion work, too; but now these promotion came into nonsense with Baidu‘s product failure.