Today we in China digital market consider that 5G will transform media and IoT.

Once 5G kicks in, the low latency and high speeds will create opportunities for interactive video, AR, cloud gaming and various IoT services.

5g China SEO

It’s too early to predict the full scope of where 5G leads marketers and developers, but it should have a profound impact in some areas. Although faster download speeds are critical, in many ways, low latency and high reliability may be more transformative down the line.

5G Revolutionize Video
Mobile video is already the primary reason why data use is skyrocketing. In 2018, about 60% of mobile data was for transmitting video, according to Ericsson. By 2024, that figure should rise to 74%. Over the same period, world average data consumption by smartphone users will jump from 5.6 gigabytes (GB) to 21 GB per month.

5G will improve the quality of mobile video experiences. Buffering should become rare. Higher-definition transmissions will be easy. And download times should become much shorter.

With video being easier to transmit, it should become more prevalent in social media, advertising, and content sites—not to mention in places in the physical world, such as bus stops or within cars. Even in today’s advanced-4G world, the video is going places it hasn’t before. “The question becomes how immersive and how seamless can you make that type of experience,” said Greg Wester, CMO of Mobile Posse. “So we started to go out and get more and more ‘snackable,’ short-form video content.”

But beyond these relatively straightforward improvements, the possibilities get more interesting. The broader bandwidth combined with low latency could lead to different versions of interactive videos, such as 360-degree videos or multichannel live feeds, where the viewer chooses which camera feed they want to use to watch a sporting event. Truly interactive video, where the user chooses among alternate endings, or personalized video, also becomes possible.

5g China SEO

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