(remark below robots translation; to be modified later)When social media marketing is popular in China, traditional search marketing is changing and extending with the times. Almost every company has its official website, and the website has become a gateway to understanding a company and brand. It is also a digital channel carrier that consumers trust 100%, and remembering the URL is not something that ordinary people can do. That is, the website needs to be imported, and the search engine plays the role of information distribution. The higher the ranking of search results, the more accurate it will be to bring users to the site accurately and efficiently. So SEO is born, let us take a look at the germination and change of SEO!foreword of xxxx, China has xxx independent websites, xxx mobile phone users and xxx PC users. An xxx word retrieval request is reached daily on the search engine. Each request will have ten different website information, and the whole website will be retrieved about xxx times a day. This massive demand has very high marketing value, and the search traffic is comparable to Shannon in digital marketing because of its good quality and high intention. Over time, advertisers have a strong interest in the search results appearing their content, which is the emergence of “germination,” which means that the website must be placed on the home page to gather consumer attention. On the other hand, Chinese consumers have their own unique online consumer culture. Sometimes, choices are influenced by external factors. This includes authoritative platforms, opinion leaders, content quality, etc., so this has produced “changes,” which means that they are based on rankings. It is also more convincing to let the information hit the pain point. Therefore, ranking and content become what the current SEO must look at together.SEO industry status is compared with ten years agoSEO development stage summary: farming to ecology(Picture)The earliest SEO (1998 – 2000) originated from the optimization of the sorting of the directory website, similar to the yellow pages, the content is sorted according to the alphabet. For example, the sorting algorithm for the first letter in the ascending order, considering whether the content should add some symbol parameters, etc., is more advanced than the alphabetical order, and it is like adding your enterprise content in different categories. Therefore, in this era, as long as the optimizer is willing to work diligently, the farmer can have opportunities to show. At the same time, some websites also have new on-site search functions. As long as the keywords are covered in the title, the algorithm can be achieved. The algorithm is straightforward.Then came to the industrial age (2002 – 2013), the emergence of the first generation of integrated search engines (such as Baidu) changed the way habits of netizens access to information. Which websites are algorithmically sorted to the first page can get huge amounts of traffic, and search engines become the representative of the website entrance mark. The SEO industry has also entered a relatively complete system. From website technology optimization to keyword layout, building external chain enhancement weight has become the industrial process of this era. There are even special development and automation tools to speed up the rankings. In this era, China’s SEO development is explosive, and it also determines the basic pattern of current SEO concepts and cognition.Until Super Apps such as WeChat took up part of our lives, we found that content acquisition was no longer just a patent for the first generation of search engines. Only simple ranking without high-quality content cannot retain users, and various algorithms begin to focus on the stickiness of content to optimize the return to the original content itself. Content is king to become the main line, which requires the SEO team to have the ability to display the characteristics of the platform attributes, content marketing strategies. Technical SEO is slowly weakened, and search and social media are becoming more and more integrated.Chinese search engine market analysis(Picture)The search in a broad sense is no longer Baidu but is divided into three categories: a comprehensive search engine, social media search engine, and vertical search engine. The comprehensive search engine is mainly Baidu (market ratio xx), Sogou (market ratio xx), 360 (market ratio xx), Shenma (search ratio xx). They are based on the main purpose of information distribution. The website itself does not sink users but fosters user habits.Social media search engines mainly include WeChat search, microblog search, small red book search, today’s headline search, knowing search, Baidu know search and other UGC platform search. The search results are mainly based on the UGC content in these platform ecosystems, but some will display the off-site content. If the search content is not enough, the main reason is to see which platform and the search engine have cooperation or business relationship, such as WeChat search There will be search results of Sogou, and today’s headlines have 360 search results.The vertical search engine is a professional search engine for a certain industry and is a subdivision and extension of the search engine. Features are more obvious, such as Taobao search, Jingdong search, video search and so on. These platforms provide a very uniform search result content form. When users only want to see something, they will choose to search for such a platform.There is a box to have the existence of SEO(Picture)As long as there is a search box, there is an SEO figure. Behind the search, itself is a set of algorithms, and there are rules. At present, in the actual combat project, we found that the SEO approximate platform optimization ratio is 50% for comprehensive search, 30% for social media search, and 10% for vertical search. The annual growth rate of users using social media search and vertical search is about 3~5. %. Therefore, more SEO research and development will be synchronized. The biggest difference between social media and vertical search and comprehensive search is that technical code optimization is not available. It is necessary to greatly improve content optimization and interactive maintenance to ensure the visibility of content.Mobile search changes fast overall, PC search and mobile search now account for roughly 2:8, and the ratio of 5-6 years ago is reversed. Mobile search is more likely to occur in different social media search and vertical search. This change makes the search more intelligent, even to achieve the new technology of “no search,” we call it a smart recommendation (similar to today’s headline ). This brings a new challenge to the SEO industry and also means new opportunities. More and more apps have a section called “Explore.” After you click in, the system automatically recommends content based on your preferences. Not only that, the voice search will become more and more common. After all, it is inconvenient to type on the mobile phone. How to integrate SEO thinking from these new changes, let the semantics conform to the algorithm, make the content better than the crawl, and make the recommendation more effective is the present. Research topics for SEO practitioners.Baidu’s strategic shift from station to numberIn the past, Baidu relied on crawlers to crawl the entire web site to match keyword searches, but the web form was not the scent of the mobile Internet era. Moreover, it is difficult for the web to retain users to form a relationship chain, so Baidu is currently building a new ecosystem, such as the Baijia number + small program, the Baijia number is actually the information flow, the small program will occur in the drop-down search box, the search results Wait for high-frequency interactions. Therefore, using social media applications to retain people is the most effective way. Baidu is changing its ecological environment.(Figure)360 and Shenma SEO demand is not a big360 search is the second largest search portal on the PC side, and Shenma is the second largest search portal on the mobile side. However, from the perspective of the overall actual combat project, advertisers rarely place SEO on these platforms, and more is the direct input of SEM. There are several reasons for this: First, optimizing the Baidu ranking in the actual sense will also positively affect other search engine rankings, that is, a drag-and-drop win-win model. Second, these search engines have certain characteristics in the crowd, such as using 360 searches. Many of them come from 360 product users, and they use the Shenma search to favor the shopping crowd. This leads to the platform not being like everyone like Baidu, so if the target is accurate, it is more effective to directly SEM.(Figure)Potential market and role importance social media search is indispensable consumption habits of the Chinese market, and overseas markets are different, which determines the way consumers access information. In China, because information is very fragmented, there are many channels for consumers to obtain information. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the source of information, and it must be timely. The first generation of search engines has so far been limited to the display of timely information; it is unlikely that information 1 second ago will appear on the front page immediately. Therefore, consumers will use the new client or related social software on the mobile phone to search for information. Therefore, the social media search ranking must be in the sense of requiring advertisers to optimize, especially the current small red book, today’s headlines, interesting headlines, WeChat search and so on.Knowledge system has something to watch in addition to searching; information acquisition can also be obtained directly from some knowledge-based platforms. If there is information embedded on these platforms, it is helpful to properly grasp the brand’s volume and reputation for potential consumer brand awareness. There is knowledge of deep knowledge. Baidu knows that there is a quick answer, and there are similar red books in the same interest. These platforms are inherently popular and attractive, and SEO optimization can spark more sparks with the Social team.Applet end conversionThe WeChat applet is very widely used. Consumers can order takeaways, taxis, settlements, etc. without downloading the APP. Advertisers also realize how to increase their small program users in brand marketing to stick to consumers. So the little programs we know are only on WeChat? Of course not, Baidu, Taobao has a small program layout, maybe Baidu is relatively new because of the large amount of WeChat usage, Taobao has Alipay as the entrance, the use of these two environmental small programs is relatively large. So the potential opportunities on Baidu are tremendous, and then in the search drop-down box, there may be small programs in the Baidu information stream.Voice search dominates the most convenient way to search is voice, and the alternative input method can greatly improve the frequency of search and the accuracy of intention. Although all major search engines have voice search capabilities, it is difficult to interpret how many users use voice search to find content in actual combat. Not surprisingly, future data statistics should clearly distinguish the traffic from input search and voice search, and maybe more intelligent in dialect recognition, rather than the relatively inaccurate voice conversion capabilities. This is also of great significance to the future SEO. The content of the search must be more precise and long-tailed. How the advertiser responds to the voice search, and how to better match the content to the voice search intention is the focus of optimization.Foreign search engine enters the market although Google has withdrawn from China as early as 2010, no one can predict whether it will come back one day or other search engines will explode. Therefore, it is not enough to understand Baidu SEO, especially when more and more powerful national enterprises are going to the world; it is necessary to understand the different search engine ecology and algorithms. No matter in the foreign trade industry, China’s top 500 enterprises, many cases in the tourism industry have proved that optimizing Google, focusing on the word search is a demand point, SEO is not only an optimization ranking is also an antidote to help companies understand the world’s consumer trends and habits. Bold predictions do not rule out the possibility that the future world will only use one search engine, one search for all.Internet public opinion dominates the wind vaneOrdinary consumers are getting more and more information from mobile phones or mobile devices, including the brand’s lyrics on the Internet. Judging a brand’s goodwill is not an advertisement for TV, nor a handle for subway cars, but major social platforms and mainstream media platforms. Then the content behind these lyrics is the content; that is, the quantity coverage has a qualitative weight. The SEO brand lyrics can help the brand to find problems promptly and can actively respond to the strategy. Therefore, the information on the Internet is true and false, and advertisers need to use a part of the SEO method for active attack and defense.Baidu and Google marketing differences due to space reasons, this chapter mainly uses China’s first search engine Baidu and the world’s first search engine Google to analyze, and does not fully represent other search engines but have commonalities.The overall number of ad slots is weakened now there are no bidding ads on the right side of the two search results, and more are replaced by knowledge maps. This phenomenon happened a few years ago. The main reason is that consumers click on the left side and the result is much higher than the right side. It is better to choose a more effective advertising area than to make consumers feel overwhelmed. Besides, Baidu’s homepage has a maximum of 5 advertisements, and Google is a maximum of 4 advertisements. In terms of quantity, it is a little less than before. In theory, the space left for SEO has increased.(Figure)Baidu focuses on the domestic market, and its product ecologyAlmost Baidu’s results are based on national websites, and the results of English search terms are relatively limited. The main reason is that foreign sites do not need to be filed, which means that websites that lack government supervision are not easily ranked by Baidu. Therefore, many multinational companies have to go to the Chinese market to make their portals first and foremost. They should be determined to place Chinese website servers in mainland China in the early stage (Hong Kong does not count), and formal channels have obtained ICP filing. At the same time, Baidu has an extremely diverse information content platform, such as Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu Baijia, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu Travel and so on. Advertisers need to lay out their content on the core platform so that they can get more opportunities in Baidu’s search, so that Baidu’s ecology can be more complete, and the informal contacts that consumers get will be more effective.Google’s natural search status is still strong western consumers still use Google search to obtain information as the core channel. Google’s overall advertising types and quantities are relatively small, and the layout is relatively original. Because of the advanced semantic algorithm, the search results are also in line with the search intention. Of course, yelp, twitter, facebook, etc. are also important social platforms for Western consumers to access information. But compared to China, the marketing concentration is not as strong, or it is different in some business models and corporate visions. Besides, Google can crawl some social platform content, so consumers can use Google search to solve the current content acquisition needs.Baidu and Google algorithm differences algorithm here refers to the original ranking algorithm (excluding paid search). Baidu algorithm pays attention to localization, such as host location, whether to record, domain name weight, free zone (formerly known as bear palm) certification, etc. These are not particularly valued by Google. Of course, Baidu and Google’s algorithms are consistent on some levels, such as the quality of website content, the strength of the website’s outer chain, and the technical elements of the site. Therefore, to target the Chinese market, we must first put the importance of Baidu algorithm and strive for more optimization space in localization. As long as the technology can meet the limited set of enterprises, many optimization points can be implemented, and the income obtained is relatively long-term. What deserves special attention is that although the external chain has been criticized by the outside world as a cheating behavior, in actual circumstances, Baidu and Google still give more ranking factors to the external chain. The reason is that in addition to the relatively straightforward statistics of external chain voting, there is no other better way to prove that website content is recommended by other websites or users.Home placeholder strategy differences according to the analysis of the hot map of the home page, we can know that Baidu may take longer for each user click because Chinese is not a word phrase, but a text match. So in reading, Chinese will spend more time, as long as you see a few words in English, you can roughly know the meaning of the paragraph. Also, according to research, Google users’ click-through rate occurs on the first screen, while Baidu users will see full-screen content. Therefore, in terms of strategy, Google pays attention to the higher the ranking, the better. Baidu pays attention to the ranking as much as possible. The strategy of ranking high and ranking will affect the execution of the entire SEO project.