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I am Jack Billy, with a brilliant background in SEO. I has over 9 years’ experience in digital, search and online strategy. Before building exceLive brand, I held the position of Head of Digital Marketing at Bloom Agency – managing the SEO, PPC, Display and Affiliate teams within the fast paced and growing digital agency. Prior to this, he worked at Metafocus Global, managing expansion into China.

I’m excited to be a part of the growing team at excelive. There are a number of big challenges ahead including the changing shape of SEO. I’m thrilled to be involved with the integrated offering China has around media, development and creative campaigns.

Main Office: East Tower, Genesis Beijing, No.8 Xinyuan South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100027
Phone: +86 15811197066
Email: seo@excelive.net

Rate referal:
Copy writing(from Chinese meterail): 20USD
Article Optimization(For Chinese artice): 1 article = 15USD

Translation: 1000words = 30USD;
Transcation: 1000words = 50USD;

Content Marketing Posting: 5USD-300USD depends;
Zhihu/Toutiao/WeChat Account Managemet:30USD per hour

SEM Account Create: 20USD per URL
Digital Account Management: 30USD per hour

SEO Technical Audit: 50USD per hour
Consult: 50USD per hour

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