Please see the attached deliverable demo. It is a deliverable for 18 URLs, the request elements are :

No. of keywords required: 360
No. of ad copies required: 72

Usually, the delivered quantity is a little beyond your request, while the price is the same.

1)      PPC Keywords: I selected 374 keywords for your URLs. These keywords are the most popular items with the best search volume.
2)      PPC ad copy: to ensure ideal performance, I developed 87 copies. To remark, I used wildcards character skills to make your displayed copy always highlight searchers’ keywords in red.
3)      Besides, to keep all finial displayed texts read smoothly, I divided them into four by the targeted keywords’ part-of-speech.


As if you feel the above total account is complex, please look the below deliverables, which only include one URL; Usually you need ‘1 campaign, 4 groups, vs 16 copies’ at least for one URL: